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Brooke Bradford

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“Brooke is one of the most creative female producers I have had the pleasure of working alongside with. Her wit, attention to detail, and her networking skills are commendable. Her understanding of “less is more” has made her projects winners every time. Brooke is well worth hiring for your next project.”
Trish Bell, Radio On Air Personality (Talent for projects, work history @ Kmby)

“Extremely warm and friendly provider that know’s what they are doing! I will definitely work with her again in the future!”
—Ari Freidman  Tel Aviv, Israel (website feed)

“She did a FANTASTIC job and in a timely manner. Give her a shot you will not be disappointed!”
—Daniel Gutierrez (audio for website video)

“Awesome communication and good work flow. Thanks”
— Lesley Illinois News service (corrected news feed)

“All Hail Brooke! Fastest Editor in the West! Would definitely hire again (in fact I plan to!)..”
Tobias Queen (audio editing for voice over artist)

“Brooke has exceeded my expectation on the job she has done for me. Communication was excellent…her ability to understand the job requirements very quickly was outstanding. She has delivered the work timely and in excellent quality. Above all, her passion for the work is remarkable. Thanks Brooke for your support on this job.”
— Samuel, Team Suzi (on camera video for nonprofit solid waster and energy project in Africa)

“Brooke has been my go-to person on many occasions and has been extremely responsive.”
—Elizabeth Gummere, President, Board of Directors. Santa Cruz Film Festival
(word press website, email, minion)

“I am a client of Brooke Bradford and want to encourage you to utilize her services. I couldn’t be happier with her work and am sure you’d be happy too.

I found Brooke online and requested her assistance on creating a podcast. As a novice to podcasting, she set up my site and taught me to use it. I continue to use her help to edit the podcast. Although she could easily teach me the editing tools, I just don’t have the time or desire to learn it. This will likely be a never ending project…

She also updated my professional website ….And updated my husband’s professional website: Additionally, she taught me to use MailChimp for a professional e-newsletter. And, she designed business cards.

What started out as a simple project has turned into a very satisfying professional relationship. As my needs have changed, Brooke was available and had the expertise to help. I don’t know what I’d do without her. In addition to being technically competent, she has a fun sense of humor, responds in a timely manner, and offers marketing advise. I highly recommend Brooke Bradford for your technical needs. You won’t regret having hired her.”

Gail Gabbert

Brooke Bradford

Grew up in Northern Nevada and followed a career in broadcasting from KPTL in Carson City, KOH in Reno, KOWL in South Lake Tahoe to The Monterey Salinas area. She worked at KTOM, KWAV, KMBY and KPUP as an announcer, did a couple of years in Master control and production at KCBA TV in Salinas and moved more into creative as the production director at KPIG in Watsonville California Where she was for over 7 years. She Has done back ground in TV and Film, voiced a gazillion commercials for radio and TV and does voice acting in accents and styles. After the great broadcasting blood bath of the early 2000′s Brooke found her self under employed in a changing career market with misunderstood skills. She returned to school and took courses in Audio science, Videography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Web Design and Art Photography. Today Brooke works on contract projects doing audio/video and web design for a variety of companies, including Website Design with infusion studios, Podcast production for various clients, audio, website and print projects for the Galena clinic, Galena Illinois, The Cfactor network (oracle), the csuite radio network and Vengreso.com and is the technical director for the imagine short film festival which screens video by and about people with developmental disability and autism. 

Brooke has a BA in graphic design for the web with a concentration in webdesign from  Southern New Hampshire University.

Skills Certificate in Motion Media Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2012
Skills Certificate in Graphic Imaging Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2013
Skills Certificate in Web Production Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2014
Skills Certificate in Web Design Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2014
Skills Certificate in Digital Photography Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2015
Web Media Certificate of Achievement Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2015
Web Development Certificate of Achievement Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2015
Web Design Certificate of Achievement  Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 2015

Other:  University of Nevada, Reno. Studies in Woodwinds, music theory, marching band, concert band.
Nevada National Guard: Woodwinds

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Guest interviews for clients: Sally Hogshead, Guy Kawasaki, Matt Riesal, Marissa Peer, Stan Phelps, Ellen Petry Leanse, Denise Yohn, Sunil Bhaskaren, Paul Kirch, Bill Hendersen, Pat Boone, Andy Humphries, George Hamilton IV, Kate Warren, Barlow Girls, Dove Show, Skillet, Tavis Smiley,  Crystal Lewis, One Heart for Kids, Dr. Mary Gentile, Pete Furler,  Clint Baldwin, Dr, Therese Rossi, Car talk, David Wolpe, Eli Grestner, Interfaith youth core, Matthew West, Mercy Me, Nicky Gumble, OC supertones,  Phil Wickim, Soweto Gospel Choir, Bruce Greishauber, Dave Crenshaw, Jane Johnson, Rich Arzaga, Stephanie Chandler, Tom Stoker, Barbara Taylor,  Rich Siok, Tyler Conin, Mike Carville, Prosper Mane, Viktor Levitine, Steve Gilmore, Bruce Wendt, Dani Ackerman, Sally Hope, Robin Kramer, Sunny Nunan, Jessica Rector, many, many more.

More Projects: 

Mucov (Spanish), Studio Video production, post production
The Delano Music Festival, Video shoot and Production
Possibility, The Movie, On set production, video editing, audio production, graphics
Jenny Brewer, Natural Chef, Video editing
LaLLorna, Music video, Green screen production, motion graphics, original music production, video production
Grandpas Girly Video, Video editing
Duncansong.com, musician, Website (html/CSS) audio production, video production, hosting
Megan Foxx, Career Couch, Website setup (wp)World of Religion, Audio production Radio show
Cristian Youngmeyer, Author, Audio production Audio Books
Southern Utah Real Estate, Audio production, feeds
Eric Hand, Masseuse, Audio production
Keisha Bruce, Artist, Feeds
Rose Filicetti, Community Leader, Website (wp) consult
Steve G Jones, Hypnotist, Feeds, audio production
The Edge Podcast, Feed
Your Best Moment, Logo design, Identity, feed
Tina Glasner, Author, writer, Website set up (wp)
Chuck Gauger, musician, Website set up (wp)

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