Can You Be Pro In A DYI World?

Have you seen those iPhone commercials that are totally cool and the only message is shot with an iPhone?  Here’s the thing,Today’s Smart phones may actually create a look and sound like the pro’s, but yours may not come out that … Continued

Hitting the magical 16-30 shows wall in Podcasting: How to avoid failure

If you have a podcast or are thinking about starting one, here are some tips that may make it a more pleasurable and sustaining effort. Often, by the time people hire me to edit and mix their audio they are … Continued

Headphones, Microphones and Headsets

The question comes up fairly often about the best equipment to record a podcast. Some people might feel that a headset might be just as good as  a separate microphone.  Using a telephone head set can set you at a … Continued

Seven things that prove your toaster is out to get you

I decided against a toaster oven in favor of an old fashioned pop up toaster many years ago. Its always been a love hate relationship. I dont enjoy cold food, so the toaster makes sandwiches more delicious.  Toast is a great … Continued

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